Reasons for choosing battery life power supply

Rich functions

Carku outdoor power supply supports AC, USB, DC output, multi-interface design can meet the application of more products at the same time, supports three charging methods of solar panel charging, car charging, and city charging, which is wider and more convenient.

Portable and environmentally friendly

The rounded curved handle design is easy to take. Product size: 260*202*172mm, light and convenient. The product can be recycled more than 1000 times, energy saving and environmental protection.

Safe and practical

Carku outdoor power supply has ten major safety protections: short circuit protection, over current protection, over charge protection, over temperature protection, over discharge protection, reverse connection protection, reverse charge protection, over voltage protection, AI software protection, extreme low power consumption protection.


Aerial photography uninterrupted power

Drones, SLRs and other equipment consume fast power, and having an outdoor power supply can charge the equipment in time without worrying about battery life.

Camping food is so convenient

In self-driving camping activities, it is not easy to make a delicious meal. With Carku outdoor power supply, you can use electric appliances like car rice cookers! Make a big meal in minutes.

Outdoor office is really comfortable

Going out will inevitably encounter work problems that need to be solved. Carku outdoor power supplies can simultaneously power laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.





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